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Brendan Quigley

Shopify Expert


I believe everyone has something to sell, make or share and I’m on a mission to equip Merchants with the tools to succeed.

I genuinely enjoy helping other businesses grow.

I treat every project as a small partnership where I invest my time, knowledge and experience into your business, and you invest in me.

Your goals are my goals.

Why Use Shopify?

Powers over 1.7 Million businesses in 175 countries

Easy to Build, Ready for Optimization, Simplified Store Maintenance

Sell Anywhere with Shopify, including WordPress Buy Buttons & Facebook

Uses the best technology to keep your customers secure

Even I Use Shopify

As a Shopify Developer who has been freelancing and working from home for the past 10 years. I was frustrated by my laptop, especially when it was connected to a secondary monitor. The screen would never line up and I always felt like I was hunched over the computer. I decided to fix that – and created my own Laptop Stand.

Some of the People We’ve Worked With

Logo for Student Nutrition
Logo for Student Nutrition