A Shopify Setup

You’re likely on this page because I linked to it from a proposal or scope document. I found myself often copy/pasting the same information from one document to the next always describing the same process. 

Here is an outline of what is included in a Basic Shopify Setup, when I create your store.  

Theme Install and Setup

Every site needs to have a unique look and brand. The way this is achieved with Shopify is by choosing either one of the free Shopify themes or purchasing a theme and then customizing it.

Installing a theme and setting it up with the companies brand is included in a Shopify Setup.  

Standard Pages Created (Number of Pages varies from Proposal to Proposal)

In addition to the product pages, collection pages, checkout and cart all website need to have a few standard pages. This includes a home page, about us page & a contact page. 

Setting up these three pages are included in a Shopify Setup.

Products Uploaded (Number of Products vary from proposal to proposal)

A online store without products, is just a website. Getting your catalog of products into your store is in an organized way is one of the most important tasks. 

While the numbe of products that will be setup in your store vary depending on the proposal. Uploading and showing you how to upload and manage your products is included in a Shopify Setup. 

Domain Setup

A development store will be created to full build your online store. This development store is given a domain by Shopify that serves as a temporary domain for you site. When you are ready to go live with your store, the stores domain name need to be connected to your Shopify store. 

Connecting your companies domain is included in a Shopify Setup.

Taxes Configured

Shopify has a very robust system for charging taxes. You can apply a single tax to your entire store, or set taxes up on a per product basis. Depending on your business taxes are going to vary from store to store. 

Configuring taxes for your specific business is included in a Shopify Setup.


Most online stores ship their products. Even online stores that only offer local pickup, need to customize their shipping options to suit. There are a few considerations with shipping. 

  • Where you will ship?
  • How much it will cost to ship?
  • How you will ship?

These considerations are covered in the follow items: Shipping Zones, Shipping Rates and Shipping Fullfillment Integrations. 

Setting up Shipping is included in a Shopify Setup.

Payment Processor Setup

All online stores need to take payment. There are a number of different options for taking payments, from cash on delivery and manual invoicing to automatically captureing credit cards online. 

When it comes to credit cards, there are many options for payment processors. 

Advice on choosing and setuping a payment processor is included in a Shopify Setup.

Additional Sales Channels Setup

One of the advantages of Shopify is additinal sales channels. These channels allow you to extend the selling opportunities for your products to places like Amazon, Facebook & Instagram. 

Setting up additinal sales channels are included in a Shopify Setup. 

Email Notification Review

Out of the box Shopify’s email notifications cover a wide range of eCommerce businesses. However reviewing your email notifications to ensure that your business is communicating clearly with it’s customers is important. 

Reviewing email notifications is included in a Shopify Setup.

Install Marketing Retargeting Tracking Scripts

Once your site is created, having a marketing plan in place to reach your potential customers sets your online store up for sucess. 

One part of this plan should be ad retargeting. Shopify makes it east to include retargeting tracking scripts on your site.

Installing retargeting script is included in a Shopify Setup. 

Install Google Anayltics

In addition to retargeting scripts, knowing how many people visit your site, and their behaviour on the site provides insight into your customers. 

Google Anayltics is a free tool that provides this information. 

Installing Google Analytics is included in a Shopify Setup.