Shopify Premium Theme Setup

Choosing a theme is only the first step.

One of the most complicated parts of setting up a Shopify store is the theme setup. Themes can look great when you see a theme full of demo content, but creating that look with your products and branding can be a challenge if you’re not a web designer.

By the time your clients land on your site you’ve put a ton of effort and money into getting them there. Your website is the final setup in your sales funnel, and the design is ultimately what makes your customers trust your site enough to hand over their credit card information to a complete stranger. You need your website to look as professional and trustworthy as possible. 

We excel at helping store owners setup their themes for conversions, while looking clean and professional. 

After a discovery call, we’ll install and configure a theme of your choice from the Shopify Theme Store. If you’re sure which theme to use, don’t worry we can help guide the decision to ensure that the theme you pick will help your store grow.

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Starting at $59/mth

Fully WCAG 2.0 Level AA Compliant

Using AI-Powered Web Accessiablity tools, easily make your website fully compliant before 2021.

Discount available for partnered clients

Dynamic Translations

Starting at $13/mth

Automatic and accurate translations can enable you to sell in more that one country, access other markets, and increase awareness of your products.

There is a $75 one-time setup cost in addition to the monthly fee.

Shopify Maintenance & Support

Starting at $75/mth

 My primary goal with setting up a Shopify Retainer package for Merchants to provide reliable access to complex answers.

Learn more about the support options and pricing. 

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