Sceenshot of Smoothies Go Website

The SmoothiesGo Shopify site is a multilingual subscription store that sells fresh and ready to make smoothies.

Project Highlights

This project an an excellent example of the power of Shopify and BOLD Apps. The SmoothiesGO website allows customers to easily purchase their smoothies and setup a reoccurring order.

Other important features to look at include:

  1. The postal code checker, that lets customers find if they are inside the shipping area without wasting time adding products to their box, and ultimately being disappointed.
  2. The gift card form, that allows customers purchase gift cards for themselves or friends.
  3. The customized product pages which display all of the important information for each smoothie including nutritional information labels.
  4. The Bilingual French and English options.
  5. The custom masonry blog section.
  6. The login option for customers who what to change their subscription options.

Built With


Weglot Translations

BOLD Subscriptions


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