Automatic & Accurate Website Translations


Using the Weglot Translation Solution allows you to build your website the way you want, in your language and then translate the results. This allows you to build fast and remove the technical changes associated with traditional multi-lingual sites.

While the process is fully automatic, you can customize all of your translations easily and in one place through the translation dashboard.

Weglot is also SEO Friendly. Translated pages are indexed by Google, and visitors are sent to the appropriate language.  


Our solution is compatible with many platforms, ask us about yours to learn if it’s compatiable.


Questions & Answers

How do I get started?

Visit our general contact page at https://brendanquigley.ca/contact and book a time to chat. We can discuss what you’re looking for and walk through what is needed to get started with your site. 

In most cases access to your existing site is all that we need to get started.