What eCommerce Platform is Best for your Business?

Shopify is one of the worlds leading eCommerce platforms. It has over 800,000 merchants and had over 40 billion in total sales in 2018. 

The real strength of Shopify is the hosted eCommerce environment. Everything from security to checkout optimizaions have already been considered, allowing store owners to focus on their businesses. 

WordPress + WooCommerce
WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress (an extremely popular website platform) that adds everything required to sell products online. The core WooCommerce plugin is free and can be added to any WordPress site, making it a very popular option. 

The main strength of WooCommerce is also its greatest weakness, it needs to be customized. Everything from setting up WordPress to creating the shop page needs some attention if the store is to appear professional and trustworthy. However, this also mean you have control over each step of the checkout and can create custom flows.  

Simple Payment Method
Sometimes eCommerce can happen without the cart. Depending on your product, the market your shipping to and other considerations setting up a full eCommerce website is not necessary.

The advantage of this method is reduced overhead and simple payments. Often services like Paypal can faciliate these transactions very affordable. 

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