WordPress Maintenance & Support

Here is a little more detail on what’s included…


Security Monitoring

We’ll monitor your website for unusal activity. If we detect an issues, we’ll take action immeditely.  In some cases we will block IP addresses in order to keep your website safe.


Uptime Monitoring

We’ll monitor your website and if it goes down, we’ll know before you do. The first thing we’ll do is alert you to the issue, and then we’ll get to work figuring out the fix.


Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

On a monthly basis the WordPress Core, Plugin & Theme updates will be done on the site ensuring that these updates don’t crash the site.

Offsite Backup

 The site will be backed up on a monthly basis and up to 3 months of backups will be saved on a remote server. If the site crashes for any reason, it can be quickly restore from a backup.


Emergency Support

Emergency Support is provided in the unfortunate situation where the site has crashed, an error has appeared on the site, or malware has managed to infect the site.


Hours of Development

Development hours can be used to make any changes on your site. This includes fixing bugs, posting blogs, general improvements , or any other changes you need.